Best Driving Schools in Flint, MI

January 27th, 2022 by

Learning to navigate a vehicle properly is an important step in the process of becoming a skilled and safe driver. If you’re located near Flint, Michigan, you can take driving lessons from any of the local instructors to improve your skills and drive safely. We’ve selected three driving schools in the area that offer courses to new drivers who are just reaching the legal age, as well as older drivers who may want to improve their skills or learn how to drive for the first time.

Keys in Hand

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Keys in Hand has been serving Flint residents and new drivers in the surrounding area since 2016, when the founder set out to make a difference in the community. At this driving school, students can grow and improve their skills both inside and outside the classroom. The lead instructor has over two decades of experience teaching the local youth in various Flint schools. Through his teaching experience, he has encouraged thousands of students to face their challenges and come out on top.

When taking a course at Keys in Hand, you can learn the practical aspects of driving while also learning more about yourself and your habits. Many of the students in the courses are teens who are learning to drive for the first time. The lead instructor follows Michigan’s Graduated Licensing System, also known as GDL. This learning system includes two segments of driver’s education instruction offered in the classroom and three levels of licensing. As students move through the three levels, they learn new skills and expand their abilities behind the wheel.

The first level is a supervised learner’s license, which allows the holder to drive with someone supervising them in the vehicle. The second level is an intermediate license that permits the holder to drive alone but restricts the driver from driving unsupervised at night or with passengers in the car. After a student has completed the first two levels and the other educational requirements of the program, they can qualify for their full-privilege driver’s license, which eliminates the previous restrictions on driving.

The purpose of the GDL system is to provide new drivers with exposure to situations that they can handle while limiting risk. Having an experienced driving instructor in the car when a student has their first-level license and driving on less congested roads allows the new driver to gain confidence while learning to navigate a vehicle. Moving through the levels helps to restrict exposure to particularly high-risk driving situations, which helps to protect the new drivers as they complete their education.

On the Move Driving School

On the Move Driving School is one of the top-rated driving schools serving Flint and Mount Morris, Michigan. It’s located in Mount Morris, which is about 8 miles from Flint, offering easy access for residents. Students can take classroom-based and behind-the-wheel driving courses to gain experience and become better drivers. After completing the required classroom education, drivers will go out with experienced instructors to gain hands-on experience. This portion of the education includes:

  • City and highway driving.
  • Parallel parking.
  • Lane changes and turns.
  • Road test vehicle usage and preparation.

The courses at On the Move Driving School help to prepare new drivers to handle the challenges that come with driving on city streets and busy highways. Students can also learn how to avoid aggressive drivers and understand the meanings of road signs. Each of the instructors has years of teaching experience in the state and completed all the state driver instruction licensing requirements. Over the years this school has been open, the instructors have helped hundreds of teens and new drivers learn how to drive safely.

A Careful Turn Driving School

A Careful Turn Driving School is in Davison, which is about 11 miles from Flint. The educational facility is owned and operated by a beloved local high school teacher and the staff includes other experienced teachers. Since it opened in 2010, the school has been teaching safe driving techniques to teenage drivers and others who are learning to drive for the first time. The courses focus on defensive driving strategies, the ability to think ahead and predict potentially dangerous situations, and concrete knowledge of the rules and laws of the road.

The educational program includes two segments. The first segment takes three weeks to complete and includes 24 hours of instruction in the classroom and six hours of hands-on driving experience. In order to qualify for segment one, an individual must be at least 14 years and 8 months of age by the first day of class. Students must also pass a vision exam and show proof they are legal residents of Michigan. Minor students must also have written approval from a parent or guardian.

To enroll in the second segment, students must have completed the first segment and earned their level one learner’s license at least three months prior. Another requirement to take segment two is the completion of at least 30 hours of driving, two of which must be at night. When you arrive on your first day of the segment two instruction, you must present your driving log and level one learner’s license.

Students can qualify for various discounts, including military and veteran, school employee, sibling, police officer, firefighter, and EMT discounts. Payment can be made online for both segments and should be submitted after you have completed the registration for the first educational segment.

Whether you’re a teen driver, learning to drive as an adult, or the parent of a teen, you can find a driving school near Flint that offers the training needed to become a safe and confident driver. The state requirements to earn a driver’s license include both classroom and behind-the-wheel training, so make sure to choose a program that offers both. After completing the required education, the driver also has to complete additional driving hours, both in the day and at night, with a licensed driver. This experience and education work together to create great drivers on Michigan roads.

So, there you have it. Applegate Chevrolet presents its list of three driving schools near Flint, Michigan. Did you find our list satisfactory? Did we miss a favorite driving school of yours? If we did, let us know! Drop us a line; we’ll be sure to add it to our list. Already picked out a driving school? The next step is to prepare for your driver’s license test! Check out our helpful post where we review some of the best ways to prepare for your driving test.